Strategic SEO Tips for Success



I see this happen all the time - companies get all psyched about their search engine optimization (SEO for short) strategy, implement all the things, watch their organic search traffic grow and then...nothing. In just mere days, weeks and sometimes even months later, it's never touched again. It's almost as if all that optimizing website pages for search has been completely forgotten about. So, here comes a little nugget o' wisdom from yours truly...

you cannot forget that your website is a living, breathing thing

Just like all living organisms that need nutrients and water to ideally just function, your website needs a lot of TLC, especially when it comes to maintaining it to continually receive the optimal amount of traffic from search. Google is *fingers crossed* frequently crawling your site, so, you've gotta give it something to chew on (aka. in fancy web/techy terms "rank").

Updates, tweaks and adjustments need to made at a somewhat regular frequency for all of these reasons above. "But what if I literally have only 10 min a week to devote to SEO?" you say. Well, to that I would say, here are two easy things you MUST do in that brief chunk of time:

Tweak Your Page Titles and Meta Descriptions
This might be a bit more technical than what you're used to, but if you know of a way to edit page titles and meta descriptions in your sites backend (in Wordpress it's super easy if you have the Yoast plug in installed, and in Squarespace you can do this in each pages title and description section) edit them immediately! Adjusting the content to include new keywords or to reflect new offerings, services, products, etc are good places to start. Bonus! If you are looking at Google Analytics on a somewhat regular basis, tweak these titles & descriptions to include queries and information from historical website data.

Create and/or Update Your Content
Make some adjustments to your site so that your sites code is changing. This can be anything from new or edited text on the homepage, to finally getting around to making that next blog post. Or, an image switch out in a few key areas on your site (homepage, about page and contact page would be great, as those are usually the most visited subpages on a site). Newness and edits are you best friend!!!

I promise you that if you give your site the time and attention it deserves and needs, you will see growth across the board. Please let me know how this goes! Drop me a line anytime here :)